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[Announcements] xx Dear Ppl:

oct 24, 2014, 00:28:33 by [ADM]Bort

IMPORTANT: players must download again the patch to connect to the server because we changed the login port due to some issues with the patchs, sorry for any inconvenience.

[Announcements] xx Dear Ppl:

oct 23, 2014, 13:09:43 by [ADM]Bort

Welcome To The Grand Opening of L2Bort, Register an Account and Join!! hope you enjoy!

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  • Rates

  • Chronicle:                      Hi5
  • Exp:                            2000x
  • Sp:                              2000x
  • Adena:                        2000x
  • Drop:                              10x
  • Spoil:                              10x
  • Enchant max:                +12
  • Enchant Safe:                 +6
  • Enchant Rate:              33%
  • Blessed Rate:               33%
  • Ancient Rate               100%
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